Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp Bar – Peanut Butter

Okay.  I swear I was just going to eat blueberries as a snack today.  Since SSE11, I’ve been eating candy nonstop, both for review and because it’s staring at me.   No… not today, today is for blueberries only.  Healthy! But… maybe I can take a look.  Maybe something like… oh.  Perfect. Skinny Cow’s new Heavenly Crisp bar.  It’s from Skinny Cow and it’s only 110 calories! It’s like it doesn’t even count.

I was afraid my bar had taken a beating between walking around at the show, the warm weather we’ve been experiencing, and the fact that I had it in my purse today.  As I carefully extracted the bar from its wrapper, I was pleased to find that the damage was limited to a minor ding on the corner.  More durable than I was expecting for such a tiny, wafer-y bar.  It was probably prettier before I got ahold of it.  It did have a distinctly peanut buttery scent that reached me a couple of feet away, typing about the previous 15 seconds.

I started by busting off the end and checking things out under the hood.  Thin outer layer of chocolate with brown (peanut butter?) drizzle, alternating inner layers of wafer and peanut butter filling.  The outside coating was a bit meltier than I prefer.  I like to be able to touch a bar without removing a thin chocolate layer from my fingertips.  Call me bashful, but I find it uncomfortable to lick my fingertips in the company of others.  Sometimes you just don’t have time, or napkins, for that kind of mess.  I’d recommend eating the Heavenly Crisp in a decently air-conditioned building, possibly right out of the fridge.

I was concerned that the bar would be overly sweet to make up for the low calorie count and ‘diet’ appeal, but the bar actually offers a strong peanut butter taste without the tooth-curling effect.  I’m a huge fan of the chocolate and peanut butter combination, and this was a nice, natural taste which blended well with the chocolate coating. There was also no lingering aftertaste.

Truth be told, I actually didn’t finish the bar.  I threw away about a quarter of it after I decided I’d gotten enough of a sense to review it.  It was good, but it didn’t knock my socks off.  For the calories (and money), I’d rather buy the individually wrapped 100-calorie Nutty Bars.  It’s not truly a fair fight; Nutty Bars are really good.

As a side note, I went the Skinny Cow website to enter the “promotional code” inside my wrapper and was taken to a Facebook page for their “Perfect Cup” tour.  I’m straight up not a fan of the Facebook-everywhere thing.  I know it’s positively fantastic for marketers to find out as much as possible about people who enjoy their products, but please, I’d like to maintain a little bit of anonymity.  What happened to filling out a form on your website?   You don’t need to know that I like Michael Jackson to send me a free fun size bag of pretzel M&Ms.

Pros: Not overly sugary, sorta durable, good peanut butter taste

Cons: Bar was a whole lot of okay, Facebook business

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