Eiffel Bon Bons – Green Apple

I scored this bag of Eiffel Bon Bons after I took a picture with their mascot at SSE and wasn’t sure if I’d actually eat them or hand them over the general candy supply at the office.   I brought them to work, but at the eleventh hour snagged them back before anyone took them.  They were just too odd to not try for myself.  I’ve never been able to say no to an anthropomorphic bon bon wearing a comically oversized beret. The bag proclaims that they’ve been enjoyed by students and foreign language groups in the US for 20 years.  I’m not sure what this actually means about who eats these and where I would ever find them again.  They are distributed by the Foreign Candy Company and I must give them snaps on their charmingly generic name.

I sliced open the top of the bag and shook a few out.  I was incorrect in expecting a crunchy outer layer like your standard jelly bean-like candy.  The little green nuggets were surprisingly soft but pleasantly chewy with a matte coating that felt slightly powdery.  The sizes weren’t uniform and some were bigger than others, which I dig.  Variety is the spice of life.  They had what I would describe as “a nice firm chew”, but didn’t leave me chewing for too long.  They also didn’t turn to slime and get stuck in my teeth like Starburst or Jolly Ranchers chews tend to (what’s up with that?).  It was a nice little chewy candy for a few moments and then it was gone, waving softly to me in the distance.

I do wish they hadn’t been green apple flavored.  It is not my favorite and its hard for me to judge fairly.  I do know that nothing seemed out of place in the green apple flavor.  It was pretty much your standard hits-you-in-the-back-of-throat flavor.  I did like these better than some other green or sour apple flavored candies I’ve had, so that is saying something.  I really like the texture and concept, but I’d love to try them in a different flavor.

Pros: Cute packaging, free sample, good texture, anthropomorphic bon bon, didn’t get stuck in my teeth

Cons: Green apple flavor, no idea where I can find them again

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Eiffel Bon Bons – Green Apple — 6 Comments

  1. Hello! I actually work for the Foreign Candy Company and so glad to see you liked your sample of EIFFEL bonbons. They also come in Strawberry flavor. You can find us on Facebook by searching EIFFEL bonbons. Click on the discussions tab and this will tell you retail locations where you can purchase them. You should really try the strawberry, it seems to be the most popular. Get back to me ad I can probably arrange to send you some to review.

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