Eiffel Bon Bons – Strawberry

You may remember that my experience with Eiffel Bonbons, while a textural home run, left something to be desired in the taste department.  Perhaps this wasn’t really fair to the smiling Bonbon on the package. I knew that I didn’t care for green apple flavoring in general, but I went on with the review.  It was sort of doomed from the beginning.  Lucky for me (and for them, I suppose), the good people at the Foreign Candy Company read my review and contacted me with an offer I couldn’t refuse: free candy.  The way to my unbiased heart, y’all.  The representative told me that they had a strawberry variety that was more popular and that he would be happy to send some my way to try (as well as some other items from their product line that I will be reviewing at a later date).  I accepted his offer with gusto.

A few days later, a box showed up at my post office’s door, which they notified me of via yellow slip, and soon a box was in my hot little hands.  It was enough that it was a box full of sugar, the fact that it was the first of its kind that I had received was just delicious icing.  I admit it: I took the box home and took pictures of it because I appreciate personal milestones.   I even sent a picture to my boyfriend and sister, who I can only assume were far less excited.  “Oh cool…” I imagined them saying to their screens, “… candy.”

bonjour, amoureux de sucrerie!

The box sat next to my candy bag until I arrived home from work yesterday and decided that the only cure for the Mondays is a bag of sugar.  Afternoon light sucks compared to morning, but I did my best with what was available.  Someday I hope to have a setup something like this, but until then… it’s the windowsill for me.

Like their green apple brothers, these are heterogenously-sized and a shade of pink that makes me think of cotton candy and summer, neither of which these are, which for some reason makes things better.  Throw in the fact that the bag smells like strawberry Bubble Yum and it’s a perfect storm.  It’s like those cakes that are made to look like flower pots or ice cream shaped like hot dogs, but it’s not like the time I took a sip out of a glass thinking it was cola and found it to be coffee.  It’s not like that.

The first I ate was one of the two halves of the Bonbon pictured.  After one half, I said to myself “Hmm, self, the outside is so good and the first few bites are so wonderfully mild and sugary.  But that flavor sure packs it in a few moments later.   Also, I don’t know that ‘strawberry’ as we know the fruit really describes the flavor of this product.  Do you have a problem with that?”   Then I put the other half in my mouth and thought “No, not really.”

As I said to myself, the first few chews are tempered by the shell and are a little less sweet.   Shortly after, the flavor kicks it up a notch (bam) and suddenly you are hit by what I can only describe as “hel-lo pink”.  While I do like the softer taste at the beginning, I also like the change in flavor as you continue to chew.  It’s almost too much, honestly, but that’s what candy is about.  I still stand by the awesome texture.  They are chewed and gone without leaving you picking at your teeth.  The pinky aftertaste is strong but dissipates quickly.   The fact that I continued to pop these little devils post-taste test is proof that I dug it. That I considered eating more of them this morning says still more.

I appreciate their fairly short ingredients list, but I do have one qualm.  It is 12 items, starting with sugar and not including HFCS, but including sorbitol.   Sorbitol can cause distress in those with IBS and other conditions (even in small amounts) so be alert, my gastrointestinally-disquieted friends.

They are most definitely unique and I’d recommend trying them if you have dental work that keeps you from your beloved chewy candy or if you’re like me and are concerned about future dental work that would keep you from your beloved chewy candy.  Or if you just have a thing for super sweet pink orbs. No judgment from me on that.  Or really, just because these things are strangely tasty and I can’t stop eating them.

Pros: Avoiding future dental work, anthropomorphic bon bon

Cons: Imminent future dental work, not sure where I’ll find more when these are gone.

Disclaimer:  The Candy Fan received this product free of charge from the manufacturer or distributor.  Products are supplied for review on the understanding that the manufacturer/distributor has no right to influence the final conclusions or ratings.

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Eiffel Bon Bons – Strawberry — 4 Comments

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  2. I LOVE these bon bons!! I remember buying them in high school from the French Club and I was looking everywhere for them.. I finally decided to buy them in bulk from the Foreign Candy Company & split the box of 80 bags with my friends. haha or I could eat them all!!!! nbd (: lucky you received a free bag!!

  3. I just returned from Scotland where I found these in a candy store. They had many flavors…chocolate, black currant, lemon, strawberry, rhubarb with custard and on and on. They are very addictive and we found ourselves talking about them the entire trip. I will try the local strawberry and see if they are just as tasty or perhaps I will have to go on another field trip to Scotland.

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