Landmark Confections Dark Chocolate with Creamy Mint Filling

A few weeks ago, I was at the Dollar Tree purchasing a big bottle of bubbles, and stopped to peruse their candy selection.  Like Big Lots, you can occasionally find a real gem at the ol’ dollar store, and this trip was no exception.   After this whole business with my wisdom teeth and banking issues (someone stole my wallet and then took a large sum of money out of my bank accounts… long story, but its back now and you shouldn’t use Chase Bank), I can finally get to my Landmark Confections Dark Chocolate with Creamy Mint Filling.  Two of my favorite things for only one single dollar.

The chocolate bar itself smells sweet and really, really minty.  Like, box of Junior Mints level of minty.  This in itself was not a bad thing, I like a nice pop of mint in my candy.  The white layer inside the bar, which I assumed to be the creamy mint filling, was abundant.   No one likes skimpy filling, so this was a good sign.  It didn’t have a ‘creamy’ appearance, but when I scraped the filling from its chocolate home, it definitely didn’t have the chalky, dry feeling I was expecting.  It was like a hybrid between cream and paste.  Hey, I guess not unlike toothpaste, though that’s not the best comparison even accounting for the minty flavor of both products.

So this was… okay.  The mint flavor is pretty overpowering, and I hardly picked up a hint of chocolate, let alone the dark chocolate that Landmark Confections is so proud of.  Although this is actual chocolate, it could have been a “chocolate-flavored candy” shell and it wouldn’t have made a huge difference in the overall quality or taste.   The mint is just too big of a factor and the chocolate is too low grade to give it any sort of competition.   Which is kind of a shame, actually.  I would have liked to see the chocolate give the super-mint a run for its money.

Unlike my experiences with Big Lots, this candy wasn’t on the brink of expiration, so that’s a big plus for Dollar Tree.   Unfortunately, it’s also not an excuse for why it sucked.  For a dollar, I really can’t hate on this bar much.  It actually reminded me a lot of the London Mint Bar I reviewed a few weeks ago, quality and taste-wise.  I wouldn’t buy it again, and the remaining 80% of the bar will go into my candy-share drawer, but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

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Landmark Confections Dark Chocolate with Creamy Mint Filling — 6 Comments

  1. I thought I was one of the few who perused the candy isle at the various dollar marts looking for deals on fine chocolates. One of the things I thought I would get on a trip to Switzerland a few years back was some really fine quality chocolate treats. Long story short, they’re there but you pay more for them than you do in the U.S. The moral is…don’t spend your time pining away for what someone else has across the sea. Just be happy when you find a neat treat here or bite the bullet and visit a fine chocolatier in your town. It’s all GOOD.

  2. This is actually my favorite chocolate. I LOVE the strong mint taste. And for $1 it’s wonderful! I come from Bermuda and started to take these back home by the case. Now they’ve faded this flavor out :( no more cases. I’d be lucky if I find a stray one on the shelves now. I’ve try the other flavors but they’re not this one. But it’s funny because my initial thought was the same as yours. My two loves in one bar for $1??? LOL

  3. I really like your dark chocolate mint filled and dark chocolate solids . I would like to try the extra dark chocolate, but Dollar Tree in Altus, Okla. has a hard time getting the bars. Is it possible to buy from the factory. Dollar Tree has never had the extra chocolate bars.

  4. Well…So sorry you didn’t care for the mint version. I have just tasted the most delicious dark chocolate/raspberry filled Landmark bar. I almost gave it away because I dislike raspberry. Well I am so HAPPY I decided to try it and will be searching these out to purchase in the future:)

  5. Sorry that I have to disagree with you – Just finished off the last of my SUGAR FREE chocolate peppermint patties and went back for more – all gone – I kept them in the freezer and ate after each meal, best mint patties ever, hope dollar store gets more – so long -Diabedic and chocolate lover NH

  6. OMG!! I just tried the Sea Salt Caramels. They are the best!!
    I went back for more at the 99 cent store, They are out!!! :(
    Does any one in San Diego, Ca. know where I can get more??

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